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Welcome to the official website of The University of Kentucky Cricket Club.

Formed in 1995 by a group of energetic and enthusiastic cricketers, University of Kentucky Cricket Club UKCC ,associated with the University of Kentucky at Lexington,has gained recognition in the cricket circles with its achievements. It has produced many talented youngsters who have uplifted the status of the team by winning several tournaments.The team actively participates in the Midwest Cricket Conference(MCC) played in the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia area.

Announcements and Current News

  • UKCC will be playing Cleveland in the first match of the playoffs.

  • UKCC vs CICC:UKCC won comfortably by 9 wickets against CICC at Cereland Park. (CICC 134/8 - Abishek 54, Rohit B 4-0-12-2, Venkat 3-0-24-3; UKCC 135/1 in 18.2 overs, Hari 61*, Stavan 34*, Akshay 24, Rammohan 4-0-24-1)MOM:Hari Chirra

  • The game between UKCC and KCC held at Louisville was called off due to rain interference.KCC scored 131/5(20 overs) before a downpour resulted in the game being called off. KCC and UKCC shared a point each and UKCC are now comfortably through to the playoffs.

  • UKCC won by 17 runs. Scores: UKCC:155/9 (20 overs): Stavan 31, Akshay 27,Abhijit 24,Happy Singh 3/33, Kalvinsoft Cinci: 138 all out(15.5 overs) Thiag 39, Raof 33 Akshay 3/13, Rohan 2/20 MOM: Akshay Vummanagari. Scorecard and Game Summary updated....

  • UKCC beat UC by 56 runs. Scores: UKCC:146/6 (20 overs): Akshay:42, Stavan:26,Prasanna 17*,Natwar 2/21,Abhinav Pandey 1/13 UC:90 all out(15 overs) Sujit 23, Abir 16,Rohit V 4/13,Ketu 3/20 MOM: Rohit V

  • UKCC beat EKUDCC by 114 runs. Scores: UKCC:169/6 (20 overs): Stavan:52, Hari:45,Ketu 30,Sunil 2/12,Srikant 2/27 EKUDCC:55 all out(15.1 overs) Sai Aruvapalli 19,Stavan 4/12,Rohit V 3/10 MOM:Stavan


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