Welcome to the Joseph Hamburg Student Society!

     JHSS is the official Student organization of the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant students. The purpose of the Society is to provide a framework in which to perform while in the Physician Assistant Studies Program.  The ambition within this framework is to help formulate academic achievement and clinical excellence in the Physician Assistant student by involving them in the educational process, keeping them current on issues effecting the PA profession, allowing them to reach out to the communities in which they live by volunteering, and finally providing opportunities for them to interact as a class.


    * JHSS offers opportunities to network with peers in their field, thus forming a foundation of colleagues to assist in patient care 

    * JHSS provides community service opportunities in order to enhance interpersonal communication and relationships 

    * JHSS gives students a chance to plan and participate in social activities

    * JHSS membership leads to KAPA and AAPA involvement

JHSS was developed to represent the PA students of the University of Kentucky as a formal organization at both the state and national level. 

We the students of the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant Studies Program realize that only through formal organization can we best fulfill purposes of mutual benefit to ourselves, our academic institution, and the community in which we live.  For this reason, we establish the Joseph Hamburg Student Society of the University of Kentucky.