Any UK student interested in Kendo can attend practice for free.You don't need any special equipment as the club has extras that we can loan to guests.

Practice is in Alumni Gym from 8:00PM-10PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Central Kentucky Kendo Club (part of the Central Kentucky Japanese School) meets on Saturdays from 3PM to about 5PM at Edythe J Hayes Middle School. You can click here for a map to the location.

Club News

Apr. 11, 2009: The AUSKF summer camp will be held from July 17-19 in Millington TN (that is near the Memphis Kendo Club Dojo).

  • The Cleveland Kendo Tournament will be held April 17-18.
  • Mar. 17, 2009: The next two Saturdays (March 21 and 28) there will be no Saturday practice (the Japanese school will be on Spring break).
  • AUSKF/ECUSKF dues for 2009 will be due on the 24th for anyone who will want to participate in tournaments and promotional exams this year.
  • Jan 21, 2009: The 2009 Detroit Kendo tournament will be held on the 14th and 15th of February. You can download the details and entry forms here.
  • Also the 2009 Lexington Shinsa is being planned for Saturday March 7th.
  • Sunday Feb. 1 there will be a joint practice at OSU, with a special kata practice starting at noon.

    Nov. 11, 2008: There will be a joint college practice at OSU on the 16th.

  • There will be a shinsa in Indianapolis on the 22nd.
  • The Annual Johnson Cup Tournament will be held in Indianapolis on December 7th.
  • Video from the Shinpan Seminar will be coming soon.
    Oct. 7, 2008: This weekend the UK Kendo club will be hosting special events. For a map of nearby parking for the UK Kendo dojo you can click here.
  • Satuday practice will be from 3PM~7PM.
  • The Student Tournament will be from 9AM to about 5PM on Sunday, October 12th.
    Sep. 11, 2008: Saturday, September 27 the UK Kendo Club will be hosting a shimpan seminar. Afterward we will be eating at the #1 China Buffet (105 E. Reynolds Rd. Lexington KY 40517 and the phone number is 859-271-5769). You can click here for a map from the dojo to the restaraunt.
  • Sunday October 12, there will be a special ECUSKF student tournament in the UK Kendo Dojo. This tournament will be for students 18 and under but anyone is welcome to come and support the competitors.
  • The University has changed its policy and will no longer allow non UK members or children to join regular practice. However during special events (such as the upcoming shimpan seminar) everyone will be allowed in, regardless of age or University affiliation. Visitors coming to a regular UK dojo practice will also need to give 24 hours notice in order to process their security pass. Sorry.
  • Next Thursday (Sep. 18th) the University will be holding a "Student Organization Fair" in the Patterson Office Tower Plaza from 11AM to 2PM. There will be a Kendo table with club representatives there to inform the public about the UK Kendo bu and to recruit new members.
  • Yohei Nagata has been featured as the American Immigration Law Foundation's Exchange Visitor Program trainee of the month. Congratulations Nagata sensei. You can the view the article about him by clicking here.
    Aug. 10, 2008: As an educational public service the UK Kendo Bu presents "Kendo in the Media" a video about the misrepresentation of kendo in the media.
    Aug. 8, 2008:After 3 years with the UK Kendo Bu, Nomiyama sensei will be moving back to Japan. In Rememberance of his contribution to the UK Kendo Bu a new film looks at his time in Kentucky.
  • Video from the 2008 AUSKF championship has been added to the events section.
  • Video from the 2008 Cleveland Tournament has been added to the events section.
  • Video from the 2008 ECUSKF Shinsa in Lexington is now available.

    Feb 25, 2008: The Events section has now been updated with footage of the 2008 Detroit Kendo Tournament.

    Jan 31, 2007:Details for the Detroit Tournament that will be held Feb. 16 and 17 can be found here.

  • People wanting to join the ECUSKF and the AUSKF can fill out this form. Membership will allow you to enter tournaments and promotional exams.
  • There will a promotion test in Lexington on Feb. 28. People who want to be a part of that will need to fill out this form.
  • Video from the ECUSKF team selection from Jan. 19 is now available in the events section.

    Jan 9, 2007: Happy New Year! This week the Kendo club will be replacing the usual Friday beginners class with special kata practice.

    There are some upcoming events planned for 2008:

  • Detroit Kendo Tournament will be held Feb. 16. Applications and fees due by Feb. 6.
  • MWKF Student tournament to be held March 15, details pending.
  • OSU godo keiko: Special joint practice Jan. 19.
    December 10, 2007: The will be one more practice at EJ Hayes middle this Saturday before the Central Kentucky Kendo Club closes down for winter break until after the New Year.
    December 3, 2007: Practices will now be held from 8PM to 10PM.
  • There is now a map available of the 217 Kendo dojos in the United States.
  • The Johnson Cup tournament will be held December 15 at Ohio State University, there are fees for entry, bento and dinner.
  • There will be a special practice held New Years morning in Louisville.
  • Federation membership for 2008 will be due in the next couple of months for people wanting to participate in competitions and promotions this year.
    November 8, 2007:There will be no practice Friday night this week. Instead the club will be having a get together to watch the video from the Georgia tournament.
  • Video from the Georgia Tournament
    October 1, 2007:The Kendo club has undergone a lot of growth since the beginning of this school year. We now include the new members Bohan Yang, Jo French and Andrew Goodale.
  • The Events section has been updated with the 2007 UK Shinpan Seminar.
    September 17, 2007:Upcoming funding requests: UK Student Government, Toyota.
    August 12, 2007:UK classes will be resuming soon and the UK Kendo club would like to welcome in any new members who are interested in Kendo to come and join us.
  • We are planning on hosting a shimpan seminar on September 15th. We are currently in the process of arranging the details of the event with the University regulators.
  • It seems that as classes resume there will be new regulations for the Kendo club and and people who use the Alumni Gym. I'm told that the building will soon shift from an unsupervised status to a supervised status meaning that anyone wanting to get into Alumni Gym will need to show a UK ID. Those who do not have a UK ID card will need to be added to a special list that the door keeper can refer to. A club representative may soon be asking for members information so that they can be added to this list.
  • New updates added to the events section!

    July 21, 2007: The events section has been updated to include footage of the Cleveland tournament and the Georgia Summer Camp.

    July 9, 2007: Congratulations to Nomiyama sensei and Nakamura sensei who both passed their 5dan exams at the AUSKF Summer Camp last weekend. However Nomiyama sensei will not be able to join us in practice this month due to an injury and his travel plans.

    May 26, 2007: The events section has been updated and now includes footage of the Detroit tournament.

    March 27, 2007: Will have started a Friday practice in Alumni Gym at the usual time (8:30PM -10PM). Alumni Gym is very quiet Friday nights and we look forward to members joining us to take advantage the new Kendo night.

  • There will be no practice at Tates Creek this weekend due to the Spring Vacation. On Apr. 7 '07 (Sat.) 3:30pm practice will resume at a new location: Edythe J. Hayes Middle School 260 Richardson Place Lexington, KY 40509
  • There is a newspaper article online about the Tennessee Meiji Gakuin. TMG has hosted many Kendo events and it is sad to see such a unique and special school closing its doors. You can click here for a link to the article.

    Feb. 15, 2007: There will be no practice at Tates Creek this Saturday due to many members being away to this weekends Detroit Kendo tournament. Good luck to everyone!

  • There will be a joint practice and promotion test March 10 from 1PM to 6PM.

    January 23, 2007: Practice will be in Alumni Gym instead of Tates Creek this Saturday.

  • Nomiyama sensei will be in Japan from Jan. 27 until Feb. 14
  • The 2006 Johnson Cup tournament and it's videos have been added to the Events section.

    January 11, 2007: There will be no practice at Tates Creek this Saturday (Jan 13).

  • The Detroit Kendo tournament will be held Feb. 17-18.
  • Congratulations to Wataru Ishii for placing 2nd in the 1-3 dan division of the Johnson Cup Kendo tournament in Monroe Ohio! Nomiyama sensei got 3rd in the 4dan+ division. In the Teams Division UK (Kan, Hankins, Schroeder) placed third and the Lexington team (Nakamura, Nomiyama, Rich) placed second.

    December 5. 2006: Congratulations to Wataru Ishii and Satoshi Machida who both passed their nidan exams!

  • I've added videos from the 2005 TMG Kendo tournament and the 2006 Chicago tournament to the online collection of UK Kendo videos.
  • Saturday, December 16th there will be a Kendo tournament in Monroe OH. You can click here for an entry form.
  • We will be studying kata at the beginning of each month, so remember to bring your bokuto to practice. Next time we will cover kata 1 through 5. Here is video of the kata demonstration from the 2006 Chicago taikai.

    November 2, 2006:Here is an interesting article about a high school in Bartow Florida that is the first American school to include Kendo in it's curriculum. The best part is that Maeda sensei is going to be teaching there!"

    October 2, 2006:Congratulations to Wataru Ishii for winning the 2006 Tennessee Meiji Gakuin Youth Kendo Tournament.

    Also there is an article in today's Cincinnati Enquirer about Iaido and the U.S. Samurai Sword Championships and Seminar near Cincinnati Ohio.

    Practice at Tates Creek will be starting at 2PM instead of 3:30 on Oct. 7 and Oct. 14.

    The 2006 Midwest Kendo Federation Tournament will be hosted by the Chicago Kendo Dojo on Saturday Oct. 28. Registration will be due Oct. 20. You can download the form and detailed information in a here in a PDF. Registration fees are $65 not including travel/lodging.

    Dan and kyu exams will be held November in Columbus Ohio.

    The Christmas tournament will be held December 15 in Monroe Ohio.

    September 20, 2006: I've added some videos of Detroit and Monroe to the events section. This is a work in process and hopefully I will soon be able to add more videos from Tennessee, Detroit and Monroe. You can click here for a playlist of all the uploaded videos at "".

    Saturday Night we will be presenting Iaido and Kendo for the International Night Event on Campus, for details click here.

    September 8, 2006: Here is a tentative calendar of what is to be expected this year.

  • Funding Request Dates: 9/15, 9/30, 10/13, 10/28, 11/10, 12/1.
  • Midwest Kendo Federation tournament will be held the weekend of October 28~29 in Chicago.
  • The annual Japanese Culture Festival at Tates Creek Middle School will be held October 28.
  • Saturday September 23 will be International Night in the Engineering courtyard from 6:30PM~10PM.
  • The Johnson Cup tournament in Monroe OH was last held Dec. 10 2005 but this year the event has yet to be scheduled and Ariga sensei who usually oversees the event has been chosen as a shimpan for the World Kendo Championships in Taiwan which is also held during December.
  • Sometime in autumn the Monroe Kendo dojo will hold a promotion exam and practice. More news on that coming soon.

    August 30, 2006: Due to the Labor Day weekend there will be no practice at Tates Creek for the Central Kentucky Kendo Club on Saturday September 1.

    June 21, 2006: There will be no practice at Tates until July 22 due to the summer break for the Japanese School.

    Also there is an article by Knoxville Newspaper about Maeda sensei and the Tennessee Meiji Gakuin which will be closing after one more year.

    May 1, 2006: May 13th and May 27th there will be no practice at Tates Creek.

    There will be an end-of-the-year party 7:30PM Thursday night at Nagasaki's near Tates Creek.

    March 20, 2006: There will be be no Saturday practices at Tates Creek until April 1.

  • Registration for the Cleveland tournament (held April 22) is due April 8 and Registration for the Harvard tournament (held April 22-23) is due April 9 and requires extra paperwork to prove affiliation with your university.
  • There will be a Kendo demonstration as part of the Japanese Cultural Day at Lebanon KY's Center Square, Kendo at 1:15PM with other events running from 1-4PM Sunday March 26.

    Feb. 28, 2006: Saturday March the 11th there will be a godo-keiko in Tates Creek Middle School Gym starting with practice at 1PM followed by promotion testing 3PM. All US Kendo Federation and East Central Kendo Federation dues will be due before the 10th ($50 students, $65 adults).

    Feb. 25, 2006: Today the UK Kendo Club hosted a workshop for Alpha Phi Omega to demonstrate Kendo. Thanks to Justin Schroeder for giving the guests a special Iaido demonstration. We were happy to host APO and hope that they enjoyed the event.

    New members and visitors all need to sign the Agreement to Participate Form for UK.

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