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Our Mission
The mission of the University of Kentucky Pre-Med Activities Council is to create a cohesive student organization that brings many aspiring health professionals together to impact not only the collegiate community, but to also extend into the Lexington Community. A PMAC membership gives students access to volunteer opportunities, tutoring, application and test preparation information and materials, and networking to regional and national programs. PMAC strives to create partnerships with many of the local hospitals and private practices to establish long-term, unique, and specialized volunteering opportunities for our members. PMAC also works in conjunction with the university's Center for Community Outreach and the Salvation Army to participate in local service projects. Tutoring services, free of charge, are available to all members by selected students from the organization, especially for the core math and science courses. Application and test preparation sessions are also available to members free of charge. Membership also entitles an individual to discount with many preparation programs. Lastly, PMAC strives to connect to regional and national programs such as The National Marrow Donor Program.