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Welcome to the University of Kentucky's Sociology Graduate Student Organization's Web Site. This site will serve as the main point of information dissemination.
Our mission is to promote the academic and professional development of students in the Graduate Program in the Department of Sociology; fundraising efforts must be undertaken to facilitate this goal. As part of the professional development of graduate students, funds will be used to:
  1. Host workshops that pertain to students' interests, such as CV/résumé writing, software training, and grant writing
  2. Invite speakers to UK's campus
  3. Support student travel to professional meetings and conferences
  4. Host social events in order to promote graduate student solidarity and collaboration
All of these areas of development are essential for ensuring future success both inside and outside of academia. SocGSO appreciates any support that is provided. Donating to SocGSO is easy. Follow the link below to PayPal or contact Kaitlyne Motl.
Donate to SocGSO through PayPal