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Welcome Back!

Hey all!  I just wanted to take a second to welcome our new first-year graduate students, and welcome back all returning upperclassmen.  I hope that everyone does their best in the new semester, and hopefully gets some sweet data published!

TSF Shakeup!

Everyone, our venerable vice president, Fred Odago, has stepped down from his office due to time constraints. Emily Matuszak will be acting as the interim vice president for the rest of the year. Let’s all thank Fred for his service to TSF and wish Emily the best of luck!

Live From SOT: Monday, Day Two – Swag Island

6:45 AM: Awake.  Getting ready for the conference.  The Australian Embassy is across the street from us!

8:00 AM: Traveled to Dupont Circle on foot.  I got a free pastry from Panera.  Nate and I are going to finish breakfast, then ride the Metro into the conference.

9:00 AM: At SOT, setting up Nathaniel’s poster.  Maybe I’ll get to answer questions about it?

9:15 AM: Had to move the poster – it was in the wrong spot.  I’m going to go scout out my competition in the metals section.

10:45 AM: Had a lot of interesting conversations re: metals with other students.  It turns out that microgravity affects chromium import (?), and that I should be using zinc chromate for my research (!).  Also, I need to brush up on my ferromagnetic compounds like woah.

11:30ish AM: Finished with the poster session.  It was AWESOME.  Time to get swag from the expo.

2:00 PM: If I don’t win an iPad or some money, I’ll be furious.  I got some free whiskey and stress balls, though!  Also, don’t tell that one booth, but I played their game twice to win that microphone.  It was worth it, though.

2:54 PM: Wolfgang Puck ripped me off.  Off to the hotel for a bit, then back over here to catch an EPA talk.  Maybe they will go ahead and give me a job.

3:30 PM: Got back to the hotel, right as the EPA talk started.  Guess I’ll stay here a bit, then back over for the AACT talk.

4:30 PM: Out the door, headed to the AACT talk.

4:54 PM: Took the wrong station on the Metro.  Going to be late.  Dr. Shi should be used to this by now.

5:07 PM: I finally found the AACT talk.  This presentation looks oddly familiar.

5:40 PM: Dr. Shi spelled my name wrong.  I need to update his spellcheck.

6:10 PM: Left the AACT meeting (free food), headed to go meet a friend from grade school (not free food).  Chinatown, you’re about to meet Andrew Hilton.

7:30 PM: That was awesome.  I heard/thought about a LOT of grade school names.  Wierd.  Off to a Promega happy hour event over at Capital City Brewery.

9:30ish PM: We ran into Beth at the Promega event!  It was awesome!  Also, rumor has it that Xabier is around here somewhere – I will find him.

11:00 PM: Got second dinner with Nate-dog’s crew.  Back at the hotel.

Live From SOT: Sunday, Day One – I Think I Have Pneumonia

6:20 AM: After an early wakeup and a brief about a lost ID, we are off.  DC, here comes TSF.

8:00 AM: Turbulent ride in. Good thing I didn’t eat any breakfast.  We’re here in beautiful, drizzly DC.  I can almost smell the political infighting. Rushing over to SOT for a CE class.

8:15 AM: Made it to the class in record time. I’m being THAT guy who can’t stop fidgeting and someone got the squeakiest chair in the room.

9:30 AM: The word on the street is that mixtures of toxic compounds is HOT.  Also, thanks to the staff at Walter E. Washington Convention Center for keeping me going.

10:00 AM: Class break.  Touchscreen updates to the TSF blog are iffy, so this update isn’t really LIVEblogging right now.  I hope to have everything sorted out soon.

12:10 PM: Class over and I found Nathaniel.  All in all, class was pretty interesting.  I learned a lot about modeling effects due to chemical mixtures, but not so much about mixture PK/PD or risk assessment.  Mad props to the GCT curriculum.  Full details later.

12:32 PM: Left the Walter E. Washington Center to go pick up my bags.  Simple walk down K street, headed towards 2nd St. NE.

12:51 PM: Found 2nd St. NE, headed towards the hotel.  I think.

1:10 PM: It turns out that the hotel was on the opposite end of 2nd St. NE.  I’m now wandering around, trying to find it.  It’s raining.

1:30 PM: Finally found the hotel.  Its location makes literally no sense, but guess what – it’s across from the ATF!  They have a really nice building.

2:00 PM: Got a quick lunch with Dr. Shi, now I’m headed to my hotel.  Across town.  Lets hope I find it.

2:30 PM: Missed the right stop on the subway.  I’m going to walk the rest of the way to the hotel (it’s a straight shot).  It’s crazy raining.

3:00 PM: Made it to the hotel.  My suitcase is drying out as we speak.

3:23 PM: At the Smithsonian Musuem of Natural History!  Full update later, but briefly – giant squid are awesome, insects are awesome, man is nowhere near as awesome as elephants.  Case closed.

5:05 PM: Back at the hotel.  Resting before the big SOT grad/postdoc mixer tonight!  It will be epic?

6:20 PM: Nathaniel cracked a joke about an unnamed third party.  It was hilarious.  Going to dinner, then the mixer – will update afterwards.  The police have the street across from our hotel cordoned off with flares.

10:00 PM: I think that the street across from the hotel was flooded(?).  The mixer was a wash – I did NOT win an ipod shuffle.  It was fun, though, and I got to represent UK/OVSOT… kind of.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving, all!  I know that it’s been a while since the last post, and a lot has gone on around the GCT in that time.  First of all, we’d like to say congratulations to Dr. Senping Cheng!  Senping defended her thesis in November, and is now a card-carrying toxicologist.  Way to go!

So what’s coming up in the TSF schedule?  Next week will be the last journal club for the year, as well as an all-hands-on-deck meeting to discuss the written qualifying exams.  This is our chance to give student input on a topic which effects us all, so be sure to attend! 

With finals coming up, the next few weeks will be a little hectic.  With that in mind, on December 10th the TSF will have a holiday special hosted by yours truly.  There will be fried turkey, holiday decorations, and maybe even a special guest or two!  It will be an excellent way to unwind before Finals Week hits.

Have a great holiday, everyone, and safe travels – I’ll see you all on Monday!

A Message from HSRB 234.

Hello all, this is your president speaking.  We’re now well into October, and I thought that this would be a good time to tell everybody about recent and upcoming TSF and GCT events.  First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who came out for our welcome back party, and especially thank Fred for hosting the party at his house.  Additionally, thanks to everyone who was able to attend the TSF journal club, alumni speaker, and the Dr. Vore lunch.  Rest assured that we’ll have additional lunch/discussion opportunities with our director over the next semester.

On Friday, October 29th we’ll be having a TSF Halloween party.  As the date approaches, we’ll be sending out e-mails with more information.  From November 14th to the 17th UK will be hosting the 5th annual NIEHS Metal Conference, and on November 19th the department will host the John P. Wyatt Symposium on Environmental Health and Disease.  As always, TSF will continue to have journal club meetings, as well as social events, throughout the rest of the semester – keep an eye on that calendar!

So, exciting times!  I hope that you all can make it out to some, or all, of these events – see you there!