Live From SOT: Sunday, Day One – I Think I Have Pneumonia

6:20 AM: After an early wakeup and a brief about a lost ID, we are off.  DC, here comes TSF.

8:00 AM: Turbulent ride in. Good thing I didn’t eat any breakfast.  We’re here in beautiful, drizzly DC.  I can almost smell the political infighting. Rushing over to SOT for a CE class.

8:15 AM: Made it to the class in record time. I’m being THAT guy who can’t stop fidgeting and someone got the squeakiest chair in the room.

9:30 AM: The word on the street is that mixtures of toxic compounds is HOT.  Also, thanks to the staff at Walter E. Washington Convention Center for keeping me going.

10:00 AM: Class break.  Touchscreen updates to the TSF blog are iffy, so this update isn’t really LIVEblogging right now.  I hope to have everything sorted out soon.

12:10 PM: Class over and I found Nathaniel.  All in all, class was pretty interesting.  I learned a lot about modeling effects due to chemical mixtures, but not so much about mixture PK/PD or risk assessment.  Mad props to the GCT curriculum.  Full details later.

12:32 PM: Left the Walter E. Washington Center to go pick up my bags.  Simple walk down K street, headed towards 2nd St. NE.

12:51 PM: Found 2nd St. NE, headed towards the hotel.  I think.

1:10 PM: It turns out that the hotel was on the opposite end of 2nd St. NE.  I’m now wandering around, trying to find it.  It’s raining.

1:30 PM: Finally found the hotel.  Its location makes literally no sense, but guess what – it’s across from the ATF!  They have a really nice building.

2:00 PM: Got a quick lunch with Dr. Shi, now I’m headed to my hotel.  Across town.  Lets hope I find it.

2:30 PM: Missed the right stop on the subway.  I’m going to walk the rest of the way to the hotel (it’s a straight shot).  It’s crazy raining.

3:00 PM: Made it to the hotel.  My suitcase is drying out as we speak.

3:23 PM: At the Smithsonian Musuem of Natural History!  Full update later, but briefly – giant squid are awesome, insects are awesome, man is nowhere near as awesome as elephants.  Case closed.

5:05 PM: Back at the hotel.  Resting before the big SOT grad/postdoc mixer tonight!  It will be epic?

6:20 PM: Nathaniel cracked a joke about an unnamed third party.  It was hilarious.  Going to dinner, then the mixer – will update afterwards.  The police have the street across from our hotel cordoned off with flares.

10:00 PM: I think that the street across from the hotel was flooded(?).  The mixer was a wash – I did NOT win an ipod shuffle.  It was fun, though, and I got to represent UK/OVSOT… kind of.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day!

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