Live From SOT: Monday, Day Two – Swag Island

6:45 AM: Awake.  Getting ready for the conference.  The Australian Embassy is across the street from us!

8:00 AM: Traveled to Dupont Circle on foot.  I got a free pastry from Panera.  Nate and I are going to finish breakfast, then ride the Metro into the conference.

9:00 AM: At SOT, setting up Nathaniel’s poster.  Maybe I’ll get to answer questions about it?

9:15 AM: Had to move the poster – it was in the wrong spot.  I’m going to go scout out my competition in the metals section.

10:45 AM: Had a lot of interesting conversations re: metals with other students.  It turns out that microgravity affects chromium import (?), and that I should be using zinc chromate for my research (!).  Also, I need to brush up on my ferromagnetic compounds like woah.

11:30ish AM: Finished with the poster session.  It was AWESOME.  Time to get swag from the expo.

2:00 PM: If I don’t win an iPad or some money, I’ll be furious.  I got some free whiskey and stress balls, though!  Also, don’t tell that one booth, but I played their game twice to win that microphone.  It was worth it, though.

2:54 PM: Wolfgang Puck ripped me off.  Off to the hotel for a bit, then back over here to catch an EPA talk.  Maybe they will go ahead and give me a job.

3:30 PM: Got back to the hotel, right as the EPA talk started.  Guess I’ll stay here a bit, then back over for the AACT talk.

4:30 PM: Out the door, headed to the AACT talk.

4:54 PM: Took the wrong station on the Metro.  Going to be late.  Dr. Shi should be used to this by now.

5:07 PM: I finally found the AACT talk.  This presentation looks oddly familiar.

5:40 PM: Dr. Shi spelled my name wrong.  I need to update his spellcheck.

6:10 PM: Left the AACT meeting (free food), headed to go meet a friend from grade school (not free food).  Chinatown, you’re about to meet Andrew Hilton.

7:30 PM: That was awesome.  I heard/thought about a LOT of grade school names.  Wierd.  Off to a Promega happy hour event over at Capital City Brewery.

9:30ish PM: We ran into Beth at the Promega event!  It was awesome!  Also, rumor has it that Xabier is around here somewhere – I will find him.

11:00 PM: Got second dinner with Nate-dog’s crew.  Back at the hotel.

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